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Order your tickets online. Use appropriate links below or entry will be refused

Club Arouse Tickets

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*ticket price includes donation and one night membership fee


1) No means NO!
2) No cameras or video equipment allowed. Cell phones must be used in the designated area only.
3) Respect other's confidentiality: don't give out anyone's personal information without their express consent.
4) Club Arouse is strictly an off premises club.
5) Appropriate dress is required. Casual to Co-ordinated. Members are welcome to change once inside the club.
6) Appropriate outside dress is recommended. 
7) Absolutely no drugs. Alcohol is permitted on a BYOB basis. Any illegal drug use will result in revocation of membership status. 
8) Treat Club Arouse furniture and equipment with respect. Any obvious neglect or abuse can result in revocation of membership status. 
9) If there is a problem with another member, please inform a staff member of Club Arouse or security personnel. Any physical confrontation can result in a revocation of membership status.